Diving Into DIY: Why Plastering is Best Left to the Pros

It’s a common thread among avid do-it-yourselfers: the moment you decide to take on home improvements solo. While this can be both rewarding and cost-effective for many projects, certain tasks like plastering are best left to professional plastering services. Here’s why attempting DIY plastering might not be such a great idea after all.

It requires advanced skills

Firstly, plastering requires a specific skill set that comes from experience and training. The action of applying plaster smoothly and evenly is far more challenging than it appears. Uneven surfaces, air bubbles, or improper mixing can lead to poor finishes that require costly repairs.

It requires special tools

Without the correct tools — a full set that goes beyond the simple trowel — you’re setting yourself up for failure. Professionals come equipped with everything needed to do the job efficiently, including hawk boards, corner trowels, and moisture meters for optimal application, which means they can deliver excellent results and meet (or even exceed) your expectations.

It requires in-depth knowledge

Understanding the drying time and conditions for plaster is crucial as they affect the quality of the finish. It may look dry on the surface but remain wet underneath, leading to cracking or mold if painted or wallpapered prematurely. Experts in plastering services know exactly when it’s safe to proceed with the next steps.

Selecting a reputable plastering service provider means avoiding the pitfalls of DIY work and ensuring a smooth finish that will stand the test of time. If you’re located in Lynn, MA, reach out to S.G Plastering to get the help of our skilled professionals who deliver quality results every time. For information on what we can offer or to get advice on your specific project needs, give us a call at (781) 548-3319. Place your trust in our professional and experienced plasterers —your property will thank you!

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