Is Drywall and Plaster the Same?

Thinking about revamping your walls but puzzled about the materials to use? It’s easy to mix up drywall installation and plastering. They both essentially serve the same purpose, right? However, they’re more like distant cousins than twins. Let’s peel back the layers to explore the unique characteristics and applications of each.

The Composition Tale

A drywall is essentially a panel made of gypsum plaster pressed between two sheets of paper. It’s quick to install and relatively inexpensive. Plaster, on the other hand, involves applying several layers of a wet mixture directly onto a lath (a framework of parallel strips or bars) or wall surface. The composition difference leads to distinct benefits and drawbacks for each.

Installation Speed

Drywall wins the race when it comes to installation speed. The panels are cut to size, nailed, or screwed into the wall studs, and then, your wall is nearly ready. Plaster installation involves a more time-consuming process, as it requires applying and smoothing multiple coats, followed by drying time between each.

Durability and Quality

Although installation of plaster takes longer, it offers superior durability and a higher-quality finish. It’s more resistant to dings, scratches, and everyday wear and tear. The drywall is less resilient but can still hold up well if properly installed and maintained.

Cost Matters

Given the labor-intensive nature of its installation, plaster often comes with a higher price tag. Drywall is generally cheaper due to the speed of installation and lower labor costs. However, you might end up sacrificing some durability and quality if you opt for the budget-friendly route.

Flexibility and Customization

One of the overlooked benefits of plaster is its flexibility for artistic and custom finishes. The wet application process allows for various textures and styles, giving your walls a unique flair. Drywall offers less room for customization, although specialized skills can still make it look great.

Whatever you choose, know that S.G Plastering can handle both. While we specialize in quality plastering services, we also offer reliable drywall installation services in Lynn, MA. If you have questions, just call (781) 548-3319!

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